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Concrete Wall
Concrete Wall


Building solid foundations for an ever-changing world.

Each member of our diverse architectural team offers their specialized expertise to collaborate and meet all the elements needed to start the project, from the concept design stage to construction supervision.

We carefully examine the site to discover its limitations and possibilities and then consider these features alongside the environmental, geographical, and behavioral context before offering design concepts to our clients. Once the selection is made, we begin the research experimentation and creation.

Our Expertise

DTS and D&D's expertise lies in the recruitment of talented, outstanding designers and enthusiastic partners.

We seek to provide reliable and professional services of the highest possible level  of quality. By developing and implementing a management system, DTS and D&D offer progressive architecture and engineering from CONCEPT DESIGN to DETAILED DESIGN of construction plans. We also provide on-site supervision after contracting.

Our Portfolio is rich in world-class projects from commercial spaces, offices, residential, retail, and mixed-use developments to hospitality, leisure, sports, healthcare, education, urban planning, landscaping, and even interior designing.

3D Sketch
Image by Suhyeon Choi
Construction Engineer

Our Vision

Taking responsibility for the biggest projects in Dubai and in UAE as it’s the best country in the Middle East with construction. Our Vision is a dedicated future to creating tomorrow's generation of architects and engineers to continue the progress and advancements of our company.


Our Mission

DTS and D&D's mission is to build aesthetically pleasing, valuable, and inspiring architecture that enriches people's lives to create a better world.


Our Higher Mission is to participate in shaping the future of the world by creating safe, sustainable, and livable communities with the help of our team.

Our Goal

DTS and D&D in the next years aim to be one of the leading companies in the region. With outstanding dedication to clients, we take leadership to a new level by promoting professionalism, balanced design, technical capabilities, applied technology, and quality in service. Our duty is to achieve a better-built environment, preserving specific social values in a modern context.

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Our Clients

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